Higher and Lower Self

We all have split personalities. Do you wish to admit that? We think and feel different things at different times. Our minds are nebulous and whimsical, you can drug or surgically interfere with a brain in order to produce very strange beliefs and opinions.  We become clouded with emotion, we become influenced by others.

Who are you, actually?

You could say that we have higher and lower selves, and following this, that the lower self ought to be a tool of the higher self. For this to occur we apply introspection and meditation techniques to explore the terrain, learn to discriminate, learn to wrangle the passions, yoke and harness the tools at hand.

This is purification and the application of concentrated awareness, and the purification requires active conscious participation, every possible moment. What begins being an unstable chore becomes automatic, and we experience an inflow of ecstatic wisdom. When the lower self becomes still and receptive we can finally experience consciousness as undifferentiated, unrefracted light.

Asana (physical yoga) and pranayama (breath control) will drive the purification process, but it has to be hand in hand with yama and niyama (ethical and behavioural guidelines). We learn to direct our passion upwards instead of into the ditch, we channel our urge for expansion into fervent and persistent efforts. We expose our lower self to our higher self, we learn to love the discovery of blemishes in the personality that can be transformed.

That’s what we need, tune in to the subtle aspects. Use humiliation as a motivator to not get offended and hurt by life. The personality will die in a few decades so we might as well disown it now and live a more useful happy life without it getting in the way.

Remember that the lower self isn’t a bad thing, it’s just dilute, a filtered reflection of the divine imperative, pressing down upon us, urging us to grow and move forward.  So allow the urges within you to exist under observation. When they don’t make you act they become a source of energy. You have to be able to feel it in you and do nothing with it, don’t reject it and don’t act on it, just let it be in you.